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Professional, caring and a pleasure to work with.

"To Adelaide Designer Homes,

We are so excited to have taken the keys to our fabulous new home. My husband and 1 are first time new home builders. At the age of 60 plus everyone said we were crazy to even think of such a project at our age. They told us of all the pitfalls about building, the stress would be enormous, choosing the fittings and colours, you just can't trust builders, it will take longer than what you think, once you have signed you will never see or hear from the site manager they are always too busy to take calls and it will cost you much more that what you sign for, there are always hidden extras.

Having Adelaide Designer homes as our new home builders has been one of the best experiences we have had in our 43 years of marriage. Starting with the Sales Consultant he is an absolute delight, he helped us plan our house how we wanted it, not any of their designs but what we wanted. He guided us in every area and it didn't matter how many times we wanted to change the size of the rooms or turn a door into a sliding door or if I preferred the window to be larger. Nothing for him and their architect at anytime was too much trouble. Choosing our fittings from kitchen, bathroom, lighting etc was a breeze the staff in each category were fantastic, their help and guidance was invaluable. Adelaide Home Designers had chosen great companies for their clients. The Selections Consultant who went through everything before building started was a tremendous help,with suggestions and helpful hints. Even when it was all signed I decided to change the colour of the windows, yes no trouble she said there was still time to do it.

The Site Manager called us as soon as Council approval had come in. The go ahead started from the time the foundations were laid it was effortless. We visited a couple times a week and if there was anything we queried it was fixed very quickly or a reason given why it was that way and our mind was put at ease immediately. Whenever I phoned to meet him on site, or left a message he called back quickly and again nothing was any trouble and he was always punctual. During the building process he made a couple of suggestion for our benefit and we very much appreciated them as it did work better.

To the Adelaide Home Designer Team, everyone from the receptionist to the Managing Directors a huge thank you for our new home.

'It's a dream come true'."

Kindest regards

Frank & Louisa Clark